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These 4 Homemade Iced Tea Recipes Will Help Cool Down Your Tail End of Summer

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These 4 Homemade Iced Tea Recipes Will Help Cool Down Your Tail End of Summer

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For a refreshing, cooling drink to enjoy at home, look no further! Your first step in any iced tea recipe is to make sure you’re brewing with the freshest water, free of unwanted contaminants such as chlorine, calcium and fluoride. Trust us, you can taste, feel, and see the difference!

Recipes in this Blog:

  1. Strawberry Iced Tea Thirst Quencher
  2. Ginger Lemon Tea Refresher
  3. Lemon & Matcha Green Tea


1. Strawberry Iced Thirst Quencher

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Cheryl from Pook’s Pantry has supplied us with the freshest homemade strawberry tea recipe in the game! Their recipe starts with choosing your favourite tea (we recommend black, but go for a green if you want to spice it up!). When brewing, you will get the best results when using filtered water, so you have no unwanted contaminants to interfere with this cooling summer-y taste. 

After brewing your black tea with fresh, filtered water, Cheryl recommends you let your tea cool to room temperature. While this cools, you can make your strawberry syrup. Visit Cheryl’s website for the recipe for that.  After combining your syrup with your cold tea, we recommend adding fresh cut strawberries and a heap of ice

Our tip? Add a muddle of fresh mint for an extra boost of freshness.


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2. Ginger Lemon Refresher

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Stine Mari’s Ginger with Spice brings us a refreshing yet sour iced tea. Again, she starts with your choice of black tea, brewing as normal. To make this step taste even better, make sure you brew with fresh, completely filtered water. Trust us, once you go for filtered, you will be able to taste the difference. 

   This time, before letting your tea cool to room temperature, Stine Mari muddles ginger, lemon and mint into her warm water and lets all of her ingredients cool together. After about an hour or two of letting your fresh mixture cool to room temperature, Stine Mari instructs us to remove our teabags, then add honey and the juice of a lemon, before running your mixture through a sieve to remove all pieces of ginger and lemon zest

    To serve, we recommend storing this in the fridge and pouring it over ice, then adding slices of lemon and some sprigs of mint!



3. Lemon & Matcha Green Tea

matcha green tea

Jeanine and Jack from Love and Lemons bring us our first green tea based recipe, with a modern twist on the traditional matcha tea. This recipe starts with cooking grade or higher matcha, then calls for two cups of filtered water. Instead of putting these ingredients in a bowl and whisking them with a chasen (a wooden whisk, like the one you can see in the photo on the left), Love and Lemons recommends putting these in a cocktail shaker or airtight jar, and shaking vigorously.

After these two ingredients are combined, add lime juice, some sweetener and mint, then shake some more.

    Along with being our only green-based tea, this recipe is also the quickest! An added bonus of matcha is that, because of its powdered form, it doesn’t need extra time to steep or cool so you can drink your iced tea straight away!


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pexels charlotte may 59469994. Strawberry Rose White Tea

    Carlene from OhCarlene gives us maybe our most unique iced tea recipe. To close this recipe list off, we bring you a strawberry-rose white tea. Like in our first recipe, this iced strawberry tea calls for another strawberry simple syrup, however unlike our first recipe, this tea calls for a couple of dashes of rose water, which you can make by following this Alpha Foodie recipe

    Unlike regular brewing, to brew this tea in a pot with boiling filtered water, a couple of white tea bags, and some sprigs of mint.

    For a trendy layered look, add your strawberry syrup to your glass first, then add ice and pour in your strained and cooled minty white tea. After adding all of your liquids to your glass, garnish with sliced strawberry and a rose petal


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