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BetterLabs Ventures announces its second investment

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A water filtration business, established last year, has received an investment from the RAC-backed seed venture fund…
Last time we heard about BetterLabs, we knew that the new $3M seed fund had already invested in Power Ledger, that there’d been at least 90 applications for funding and a few were working their way through due diligence.

Well, now we know the name of the second recipient, Environmental Water Solutions Pty Ltd, which launched the ‘Complete Home Filtration’ point of entry household water filter brand in Perth last year.

“We are delighted to be receiving vital seed funding from BetterLabs and to be following in the footsteps of WA startup legends Power Ledger,” said EWS founder and managing director Suzanne Dodds.

“We can increase our marketing spend and continue to educate homeowners about the benefits of filtering the whole house.”

Originally from Northern Ireland, Suzanne has been living in Perth for more than ten years, having set up and grown businesses in Australia and South Korea as well as completing a turnaround in Spain. She also completed an MBA from UWA and worked for Bendigo Bank and PwC.

The BetterLabs investment will provide necessary funds to scale her new business by expanding her team and further developing and commercialising a new patented water filtration technology targeted towards the fight against PFAS contamination.

PFAS has become a major issue recently with residents of Bullsbrook having to be given bottled water due to alleged contamination from the nearby RAF Pearce airbase. Apparently, fire fighting foams used on such bases contained the toxic chemical, and this had got into ground water.

Meanwhile, the household filter product is taking off around Perth’s suburbs. It works by filtering all chlorines and other contaminants which may in some cases cause damage in the home. No more fridge or tap filters.

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