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Big difference in the overall condition of our skin and hair


Big difference in the overall condition of our skin and hair

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Skin and hair: what a difference water filtration has made.

Customer: Erin Thompson
From: Erin Aesthetics – Joondalup & Subiaco

Erin had her Complete Home Filtration system installed in March of 2018 and since then has noticed a dramatic improvement in the smell, taste and feel of her water.  With a daughter who suffers from Eczema, she has also noticed a reduction in the outbreaks since the installation.

“Since getting the system in we have all noticed a big difference in the overall condition of our skin and hair.  Being a registered nurse specialising in beauty and aesthetic treatments, I have noticed a dramatic difference in the hydration of our skin since the system was installed. Maintaining hydration levels as well as reducing irritation from harmful chemicals is very important in fighting signs of aging. Skincare is a major part of what I do every day- so I notice these things.  Maintaining the integrity of the epidermal barrier will protect the skin from unnecessary moisture loss therefore keeping the skin moist and healthy. My daughter, Alex’s skin has seen the most dramatic improvement! We no longer need use steroid creams for her skin since the system was installed, her eczema has almost cleared completely. I am absolutely delighted with the system and the benefits it has made to our hair and skin.”

Although we hear many of our customer report softer skin and hair every week it’s always a great testament to hear a specialist in her field report on the marked difference removing chlorine from shower and bath water makes.

“Not only does the system make a big difference to the shower and bath but we can now drink water straight from the tap instead of having to buy bottled water or use the fridge filter.  We are actually spending way less now with the unit installed than we did before on drinking water and have the added advantage of beautiful water for the whole home!”

“With over 18 months of having the system installed we could never go back to raw tap water”

Says Erin