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Complete Home Filtration supplies, installs and maintains a whole home water filtration system that is design protected and contain world leading filtration technology to target even the hardest to remove contaminants. After installation, the system is the same price to maintain as a standard fridge filter and with a Complete Home Filtration system you will be able to drink, bathe, shower and cook with water that is safe, delicious and better for your health. In addition to the health benefits you will see savings on bottled water and less reliance on heavy chemicals for cleaning.

*Free Water Quality Testing for homeowners in and around the following areas:

Greater Perth Metro Area, South West WA Coast (Bunbury/Busselton). Greater Sydney Metro Area & Central Coast (NSW) Greater Brisbane Metro Area, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast (QLD).
If you are not in one of these areas, we can do a phone consultation only.

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