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Home water filter system versus bottled water – we investigate the cost benefits

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A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number is set to increase 20% to half a trillion plastic bottles by 2021. Bottled water has become a global commodity, worth an estimated $707 million in Australia alone. This shows incredible growth considering it was only introduced to our nation in the 80’s, and back then many ridiculed the idea – when water is so readily accessible, maybe we are a joke paying for it! After all, with the average cost of bottled water in Australia averaging $3 a litre, is it really worth 3000 times more than tap water? What is the fascination with bottled water and how has it become part of our everyday grocery list? Is it the taste? The convenience? The kudos of a brand with an enticing marketing strategy?

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Maybe the clever folks in the Advertising industry have the answer, since they’re responsible for inviting the consumer to part with their hard-earned cash…


Cool Ridge “Crafted by nature

Cool Ridge insinuate that their bottled water is created through natural means, so let’s not mention the industrialisation involved in the extensive producing of the water and packaging! Energy and fossil fuels are used in astonishing quantities, and what is really shocking is the fact that the amount of water used in manufacturing the product is higher than the actual water present within the bottle. Approximately six litres of water is required to produce just 1.5 litres of bottled water and at least twice as much water is used to produce the plastic packaging compared to the amount of water contained in the bottle. There is no question that bottled water is not natures friend.

There’s absolutely no reason to be paying for a plastic bottle, which is essentially what you are doing when buying bottled water. Installing a home water filter system eliminates the need for a single use plastic bottle – you obtain the same filtered water, and in permanent supply from your own home. Fill up your reusable environmentally-friendly water bottle and cut down your grocery bill!


Mount Franklin ”Pure feel good. Add a little sparkle.

Does bottled water make you feel good and sparkly? Staying hydrated is always going to make you feel better, but it’s debatable whether filtered water in a bottle is going to have more benefits than filtered water from a tap.

There is growing evidence to suggest that bottled water can have damaging effects on our health. Research has revealed that some brands of bottled water are deficient of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, while another study revealed 20% of sampled bottled water contained excess concentrations of chlorine, fluoride and nitrate, among other levels of toxic compounds which did not meet World Health Organisation guidelines.


Evian “Live young

Evian is another brand that assures the body conscious consumer that their product will help them feel young. Smooth, hydrated skin, glossy hair and a bright complexion is highly desired and the projected image of a multi-million-dollar health and beauty industry. Filtered water, aka liquid gold can help in this mission. However, the quest to become Peter Pan doesn’t need to cost the Earth and it doesn’t need to come from a bottle. Owning your own water filter system at home means you receive all the health benefits of filtered water, directly from your bath, shower and kitchen tap – even your garden will get in on some of the good stuff!


Aquafina. “The purest part of you

Drinks manufacturing giant PepsiCo would like you to believe that drinking bottled water will purify you, which is nice. Recently, news from the states revealed a PepsiCo brand of bottled water was filtered from the same municipal source as their tap water. Why would consumers pay Pepsi to filter their water when they could do it cheaply and easily from their own home? Installing a home filter system allows all the same harmful chemicals from unfiltered tap water to be removed, and supplied with pure water straight from the tap. No plastic bottles or excess expenditure. A complete home filtration system is affordable and easy to install, a game changer for the home.


Do you really know what’s in your bottled water?

One sure fire way of knowing what your family is consuming is to install a Complete Home Water Filtration system. Water filters supplied from a reputable company guarantee to remove all the mentioned nasties and more, delivering the purest water straight from the tap. There’s no doubt Water filtration systems are an investment in your health, and what many do not realise is that they’re surprisingly affordable!

Bottled water is not an investment, a home filter system is. We all want the best for our family’s health, but we shouldn’t have to waste money on plastic bottles to get it. Investing in your home not only adds value to your property, but it prevents wasting money on unnecessary products that are lining the growing pockets of the multi conglomerates. Contact us now to find out how converting your home into its own filter system can cost less than what you spend on bottled water.

(Click here for some facts on how plastic is effecting our planet)

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With healthy, tasty filtered water on-demand, you can skip the bottled water aisle forever!