Premium Home Filtration System

The Premium Standard in Water Filtration

Our Premium system delivers next level water purification that filtration alone cannot achieve
The Premium system combines the filtering and softening technology of the Complete system with the purification technology of reverse osmosis for maximum contaminant removal.

This system is recommended for consumers who require specific contaminant removal such as fluoride, hormones and pharmaceuticals from drinking water which are impossible to remove through filtration alone.

Utilizing state of the art membrane technology this system is best for the more discerning water customer or homes with bottle fed babies or with specific health concerns where Doctors or other health professionals have recommended distilled or pure water. This unit comes with an option to alkalise final drinking water if required. A pump can also be added to boost pressure at the drinking tap in low pressure areas.

How it Works

The Premium system is the combination of the Complete System and the Reverse Osmosis unit installed onto the main drinking water tap in the home. Reverse Osmosis is a process where the water is essentially washed and as such has a waste outflow where concentrated contaminants are flushed down the drain leaving purified water for drinking. Due to this feature we do not recommend RO for the whole home.

We recommend this system for areas where calcification issues are extreme and appliances such as kettles, irons and coffee machines are being damaged through to excessive scaling and when customers require purified water for bottle fed infants or specific health issues as advised by a health professional. Please see the Reverse Osmosis product page for specific information on RO and how RO works.
 Premium System (Combines Complete Home and Reverse Osmosis)
DimensionsWidth: 600mm Depth: 250mm Height: 500mm | Width: 370mm Depth: 210mm Height: 390mm
WeightPlease contact us for more info
CertificationsNSF, Watermark
InstallationMust be installed by a Licenced plumber.
Cartridge Size Jumbo 4.5 Inch X 10 Inch | 2.5inch X 10 inch
Cartridge TypesMicron Pre-Filter, High Capacity Cation Exchange Water Softening Resin, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) / KDF 55 Heavy Metal Reduction Filter Cartridge OR 1 Micron Carbon Block | Carbon, PP, Membrane, Carbon Polishing / Alkalising
Operating Pressure29 PSI (2 Bar) - 87 PSI (6 Bar) | 100 PSI (6.8 Bar)
Warranty2 Years (Can extend to 4 years) & 7 years on workmanship | 12 months
Max Flow Rate7.6 - 32 Litres per minute | 12 Litres per minute
Operating Temp4- 40 C

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