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10% Discount

RAC members can save 10%* on a Complete Home System or the Premium System, plus 10% off replacement filters.

SPRING SPECIAL OFFER: Till October 13th 2021, the regular 10% discount jumps up to 20%, put an extra hop in your step and take advantage of this special offer.*

Complete Home Filtration is a local Western Australian business with over ten years of experience providing freshly filtered water. The company was founded to provide Australians with a more affordable and sustainable way to access unlimited filtered water throughout the whole home.

They believe that everyone should be drinking, showering, and bathing in freshly filtered and chlorine-free water. A Complete Home System or Premium System improves the water quality throughout the entire home so the whole family benefits and is ideal for infant formula preparation, or anyone with a specific health concern like sensitive skin or asthma. Once installed, you will taste, feel, and see the difference right away.

That’s the power of membership.

*T&C’s apply