1About the System
A system designed specifically for Australian conditions, with a UV protective casing and high flow capacity up to 32 liters per minute. This system can be configured with a selection of filtration options to target specific water treatment needs depending on in flow water quality. These units are Water Mark certified for your peace of mind, with our manufacturing facility being ISO9000 certified. All filtration media used is NSF certified to ensure our products and manufacturing procedures are of the highest quality and deliver optimum performance at all times. Usually configured to soften and filter, our systems can deliver clean water filtered to 1 Micron and softened water with up to 98.5% chlorine removal along with other chlorine by-products and a whole range of heavy metals. Due to the hi flow design this system delivers premium water pressure performance with no noticeable drop in pressure in homes with normal operating inflow pressure.
2Benefits through-out the home
Installing a Complete Home Filtration system is a great way to improve your families health, well-being & finances, knowing you are saving money on bottled water & helping save the the planet by reducing the amount of plastic discarded that could potentially end up in a landfill or even the ocean. You will also have the piece of mind knowing you live in an environmentally efficient home.
3FREE water assessment
Our FREE Water Quality Testing and Site Assessment will allow homeowners to discover: - Exactly how much chlorine and other contaminants are in your home’s water supply. - If hard water is effecting your health & well-being or destroying your home, garden & appliances. - How our innovative whole home filtration systems works and what they remove. - The amazing benefits that having a complete home filtration system offers you and your family. - Which of our systems would suit your home, needs and budget best. - How much the recommended system would cost including installation via a FREE fixed quote. - If you qualify for our 0% interest payment plan options and how they work. The availability of our FREE water assessment is subject to terms and conditions, please speak with our team to find out if you qualify.
4How often do I need to change the filters?
We say roughly 6 to 12 months as filter exhaustion depends on a number of different factors. Because the chlorine and chemical content of your water can vary significantly over time it is very hard to say exactly when your filters will need changed. What we can say is that on average a normal home in Perth or Sydney is changing their filters every 9 months. For homes with only 2 people or low water use 12 months can be typical. As a maximum we say 12 months. RO filter changes are performed every 12 months as industry practice for non backwashing filters, and every two years the membrane is checked for performance during the scheduled service. Depending on water quality membranes can last 2 to 4 years.
5I'm not on mains water, can I still get one?
Similar to our Mains Water Systems, we optimise and personalise our filters to better suit your needs and your water tank. This is useful for removing potential unwanted bacteria and contaminants from entering your home. Get in contact with our friendly team and find out which system is suitable you you!

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At Complete Home Filtration, our Mission is for everyone to enjoy the best tasting & healthiest water from every tap in their home. Complete Home Filtration supplies, installs and maintains a whole of home water filtration system that is design protected and contains world leading filtration technology to target even the hardest to remove contaminants.

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