Extra Information

It is important for you to note that we are not affiliated with the Water Corporation (WA), Queensland Urban Utilities or Sydney Water, we are an independent 100% Australian Owned & Operated Water Filtration Business who are lucky enough to be at the forefront of water filtration technology & Australia's whole home filtration experts
For further details on what can often be in your specific water supply please refer to the below websites or have your water tested by a NATA accredited lab for a complete view.

If you are using tank water we recommend a laboratory test against the ADWG’s thresholds.
Links for reference only.
Please note we are not affiliated with any water utility supplier in Australia.
Articles relied upon for comments made in relation to rust, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides include the ADWG’s and the annual water quality reports of water suppliers across Australia.
Please note we are not suggesting that levels are above the ADWG’s threshold.