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WA-based filtration company awarded $292k federal grant

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Environmental Water Solutions has been awarded a $292,961 federal grant courtesy of the Accelerating Commercialisation fund, the only Western Australia-based company to benefit from the latest round.

Businessnews Article on the 292k federal grant

Who are we?

About us, we are a true blue Aussie business that was founded to provide Australians with a more affordable and sustainable way to access unlimited, clean, freshly filtered water throughout the whole home, so the benefits are not just limited to drinking clean and safe water.

With over 10 years experience providing Australians with freshly filtered water, we have learnt a thing or two along the way. We can sniff out a glass of unfiltered tap water at 50 yards and so can our kids! We live and breathe good water and believe passionately that everyone should be drinking, showering and bathing in clean, freshly filtered, chlorine free water, especially if you are a bottle fed baby, child or have specific health concerns like sensitive skin or asthma.

As Water Quality Association members supplying water filtration products through our Australian water cooler brand that we created 2007 and being involved internationally in water industry events, we recognised a trend that consumers were catching on to globally- removing contaminants like chlorine from water before bathing or showering and softening water, to protect appliances and fixtures.

It wasn’t that long ago when only the likes Hollywood’s elite could afford the anti-aging practice of bathing and showering in chlorine free water but now Complete Home Filtration has become not just affordable but a smarter and more economical option for families to expensive bottled water and a plethora of smaller water filters commonly found scattered throughout the typical Aussie home.

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