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Water Filtration Door To Door Promotions: Know Your Rights

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Door To Door: Know your rights

Time and time again we hear our customers report almost immediate differences in their skin and hair once their Complete Home Filtration system is installed. People also report a difference in the state of their shower screens and shower heads due to the softening effect of our systems. People drink their own tap water more when the taste is improved and it no longer smells like chlorine. This results in less plastic bottles being required which undeniably is better for the world we all live in and – it seems due to recent scientific findings, much better for our health too. Plastic particles have been found in many big brand bottled water samples. Yet only around 2% of Australians have a whole home solution. So how do we get the message out to homeowners around the country to tell them about this fantastic alternative for all their water filtration needs? One way is through online marketing and writing blogs like this one and promoting this content through other avenues such as Facebook and Google. A small amount of customers will actually read it and request quotes. Then there is the media such as TV and Radio- which all costs lots of money, which then in turn pushes the price of the products up for the end user. Door to door and Telemarketing promotions for Water Filtration products have been happening throughout Australia for the last 10 plus years and done properly are a fantastic, cost effective way to let people know about the options available for them. However these home visits by promotions staff need to be carried out in a way that leaves customers with a positive experience and is fully compliant with the applicable laws.

Here are some of the rules which door-to door promotions or sales people must follow:

  1. Unsolicited visits to your home must be within the hours of 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday weekdays, 9 am to 5 pm Saturdays and never on a Sunday or public holiday.
  2. The Rep. must be upfront and identify themselves and where they are from, showing an ID badge and explaining the purpose for their visit.
  3. A sales person must stipulate that upon request by you they are to leave your premises immediately.
  4. Cooling off periods apply to any sales made via an unsolicited approach.
  5. For further information on the this see
Complete Home Filtration from time to time utilises small promotions teams that carry out targeted door to door campaigns in areas where we are doing installations, normally sourced from other marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Google or referrals. While our plumbers are in certain areas we like to offer a Free Home Assessment to other homeowners in the area to talk to them about our products and test their water for chlorine levels and TDS to see which of our systems, if any, would suit them best. If one of our team knocks on your door they will all identify themselves with their ID badge and let you know who we are and what we are doing. If the homeowner is interested in speaking with one of our team for a Free Home Assessment and Water Test they will take your details and book you in for a convenient time. They will leave you with an appointment card, clearly stating the Company name and what we sell. Further to this we will also have one of our office based team call the morning of the appointment to verify and confirm the time and what the appointment will entail. We do this to ensure that homeowners do not assume we are from any other Company including the Water Corp. Once the appointment is confirmed it will be allocated to one of our team to meet the appointment. If after the appointment the customer wishes to have a system installed they can fill in a Sales Agreement which has notice of the 10 Days to cool off clearly printed to ensure customer are aware of it and a notice of the 10 Day Cooling off procedure. Due to our procedures we have never had a customer call or email to complain. Unfortunately other Companies in the market practice techniques and methods that leave a lot to be desired. If you experience this we encourage you to contact the Department of Commerce to report them.