What is the best home filtration system?

Firstly, why do I need filtration?

Water is essential to our lives but also essential to our homes. Apart from drinking it, we use it to bathe, cook and clean with. There isn’t a day when you don’t use water. So what is the best home filtration system? Before we answer this question we need to have a look at water itself. Depending on the source, your water could contain any degree of contaminants:

  • chemicals
  • sediments
  • pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • bacteria
  • and more…

Contaminants in water can exist naturally or are from human-made sources. For instance, water from a lake may contain run off of pesticides and herbicides from nearby farm, water from a dam may contain microorganisms and sediment from soil. Some are harmless to our body, in some cases beneficial, but some are harmful when consumed at certain amounts.

 So is my water “bad”?

Be it the taste, the odor, the colour, or even the smell, these obvious problems are easy to detect, but even without these tells your water could be hiding any number of other problems. We aren’t saying strictly that everyone’s water is bad, and before we continue on we need to be very clear that we absolutely acknowledge that the water suppliers across the country do a fantastic job of delivering water that complies with the government standards outlined in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG). But the maximum amount of free chlorine in Australian tap water should be under 5mg/L – if you own a pool you would know that your swimming pool test kit would be hitting the very top of the gauge. We are not stating that your tap water has 5mg/L of chlorine in it, but simply that this is the limit.

So what is the best home filtration system?

Here are some boxes we believe need to be checked when choosing the right product:

  • A product that gives you peace of mind
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Helps reduce your water footprint
  • Saves you money

We can say with confidence that we have done absolutely everything to ensure our Complete Home Filtration system ticks these boxes. Thousands of Australians have already made the decision to get better with a Complete Home Filtration system, and we hear back from them about the benefits and savings they are seeing. Head over to our testimonial page to see what they say about their systems.

What is the best home filtration system?

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