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The beauty HACK everyone is talking about!

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The secret is out!

Forget the expensive creams, lotions and cosmetic treatments – the number one beauty hack that everyone can take advantage of is so simple – filtered water.

You may have read in the gossip magazines about celebrities indulging in baths brimming with bottled water…but who wants to waste their money (or time) on that? People around the world are now getting clued up to the benefits of filtered water, and installing water filtration systems into their homes. A complete home filtration system means you have total access to pure, chemical-free water from every tap – it won’t only taste refreshingly good, but it’ll be the best addition to your beauty regime and you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

Unfortunately, unfiltered tap water contains numerous chemicals which can be damaging to our bodies. Some are added to help keep out unwanted bacteria, whereas others seep into the water system from the ground or from old, corroded pipes. Basically, there’s a lot more in the water than what you may realise, and over time it can compromise the health of your body (click here for more on the science behind what nasties are in your water and how easily they can be removed). But you can take control of what enters your body just like you can with your diet. By filtering your water, you can be assured that every little nasty has been accounted for, meaning you don’t have to rely on your body to act as a filter and deal with all those horrid toxins.

Here’s some reasons why your body that will thank you for turning to filtered water…

IMG 1406 upgradeyourwater
Don’t filter your pictures, filter your water!

Get the skin you’ve always wanted by washing it with filtered water! Unfiltered tap water contains a high mineral composition, with heavy metals that can lead to redness, inflammation and itchy skin.

Even if we follow a strict beauty regime, our skin still has to battle the elements. For example, do you find your skin drier than usual after swimming in a pool? That’s the chlorine, which is also present in unfiltered tap water. Chlorine removes the protective oils and proteins from your skin, causing dryness which in some cases can cause a rash or eczema.

Do you use toner? Toners help rebalance the PH levels in the skin which protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. A high PH indicates high alkaline levels, which could be detrimental to your visions of clear, velvety skin. Filtered water has a perfectly balanced PH level, meaning you won’t have to rectify any damage caused by unfiltered water by using toner.

You’ll be avoiding premature ageing

Substances like chlorine are guilty of causing dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin loses its natural elasticity, which is why it has been linked to premature ageing (this is when you start squinting your eyes to count how many wrinkles you’ve developed). Filtered water has cleverly removed any chlorine, meaning your skin can breathe a youthful sigh of relief.

Our skin is full of pores, and just like the plumbing pipes in your house, they are prone to getting a build-up of these damaging minerals, which over time can wear down the skins natural barrier making it more sensitive. This build-up can clog the skins pores, trapping excess oil and bacteria from the daily grind which can lead to spots and even acne – and we thought we were over that in our teenage years.


Say “goodbye” to dry, brittle hair!

I’m sure everyone would like to have glossy ‘just stepped out of the salon into a L’oreal hair-flicking advert’ kind of look going on, but in reality, most people have at some point experienced dry, brittle split-ends or greasy, lank locks.

Hair is made from 95% protein and 5% water. Unfiltered water contains chlorine which breaks down the hair proteins, resulting in dry, unhealthy-looking hair. The damaging minerals can also react to shampoo, leading to a build-up of product which produces that dirty, oily feeling.

But to maintain your tresses, it can be as simple as using filtered water when washing. With the nasty contaminants removed, your hair can contain its natural oils leaving softer, smoother hair. And it’s particularly important to care for your hair if it’s dyed, since the chemicals used in the colouring process will dry it out.

Hard water contains lots of minerals which then reacted to the shampoo you use. This may lead to build ups that stay on your hair. Hard water also tends to cause the scales on your hair shaft to stand up, which makes hair feel rough and frizzy.

IMG 1674
Make the most of your make-up

Water is absorbed into every cell of our body, so what’s the point of using beauty products on our skin and hair if we are washing it down with the damaging chemicals and toxins contained in unfiltered tap water? Filtered water will help keep your body clean and better equipped to absorb the benefits of any cosmetics products applied. It’s like the primer – provide a solid foundation of care and the rest will follow!

Filtered water vs un-filtered water…it’s a no-brainer!

So maybe you can join the celebs and bathe in filtered water, straight from the tap – no environmentally unfriendly bottles needed. It’s liquid gold and should be part of everyone’s cleansing and beauty routine! Contact us now to find out how easy and affordable it is to have pure, filtered water installed into your home with our Complete Home Filtration System.