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Whole Home Water Filtration Benefits

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Water Filtration Benefits – Health

We know that adequate hydration is fundamentally important for enjoying high levels of health and well-being and that, basically, every system operating in your body requires water to function.

At Complete Home Filtration, we believe every Australian deserves the best quality filtered water in their home without compromise.

Enjoy pure, filtered water anywhere in the home without reducing levels of healthy minerals.

Remove up to 98.5% of chlorine by-products and filter out a whole range of heavy metals and contaminants with our Whole Home Water Filtration Systems. The benefits of filtered water go beyond just drinking water. Reducing chlorine levels across the home can also reduce the skin and lung irritation in the shower caused by chlorine vapor. Water comes from many sources, each bringing different challenges. Our mission is to deliver colourless, odourless, delicious water to every home, without introducing harmful plastics or chemicals to the mix.

Have peace of mind knowing your pets aren’t being exposed to chemicals too! Like humans, your beloved dog or hamster can also have allergies including allergies to chlorine. Eliminate Chlorine from their water too! If you can smell it, so can your pets.

Become excited and rejuvenated by your water. Forget single-use plastic bottles and tiny bench-top filter jugs. Get the water you want on demand, straight from any tap in the home, so that you can get back to what you do best. Join the thousands of Aussies saying “yes!” to better water. Protect your health, family, and home from contaminants. Taste, Feel and See the difference!

Health Advantages of Regular Water Filter Use

With a quality Complete Home Filtration system installed in your residence, you’re safeguarding your health significantly. Daily, you reduce your intake of potentially harmful substances and aid your body’s vital functions.

Protection Against Toxins and Heavy Metals

Your Complete Home Water Filtration system plays a crucial defensive role by removing dangerous toxins like arsenic, which can lead to severe health issues over time. It’s especially adept at filtering out heavy metals, such as lead, found in old pipes, which can be detrimental even at low levels of exposure.

Enhancing Hydration and Metabolism

Filtered water is free of chlorine, a chemical often used in municipal water supplies to kill bacteria. Drinking water devoid of chlorine not only improves taste and encourages hydration but also positively impacts your metabolism. Enhanced hydration supports metabolic activities, which include better energy management and weight regulation.

Supporting Kidney and Liver Health

Regular consumption of filtered water can significantly contribute to kidney and liver health. By ensuring you are not introducing additional toxins or heavy metals into your system, your kidneys work more efficiently at filtering blood. Similarly, cleaner water means the liver is less burdened with filtering out impurities, reducing the risk of liver disease and promoting overall wellness.

Water Filtration Benefits – Better Hydration

Not thrilled by the taste of your tap water? Dehydration is the leading cause of daytime fatigue, nausea, constipation and headaches. Just a small drop in hydration can lead to a major energy loss in the average person.

Hydration goes beyond what’s inside. Your skin can also experience the effects of dehydration, which is only amplified by contaminants such as chlorine. Revive your water, and be secure in the knowledge that it is as great for you as it tastes.

Healthy minerals are the foundation of healthy water. Unfortunately, many typical filter systems, such as salt-regenerating softeners, remove these minerals as part of their filtration processes.

At Complete Home Filtration, we offer a better solution. It offers all the benefits of filtered water and lime-scale treatment without removing healthy minerals and without adding salt to your water.

The need for clean, healthy water goes beyond drinking water. It is also very important to shower, bathe, and cook with healthy, contaminant-free water. After all, contaminants can readily pass through the skin into the body. In fact, chlorine absorption from a ten-minute shower is estimated to be equal to that of drinking eight glasses of unfiltered tap water!

Impact on Taste and Cooking

Taste: A Complete Home Water Filtration system can transform your morning coffee and tea. By removing impurities, the true flavours of your beverages are allowed to shine through, resulting in a richer and more enjoyable taste. Similarly, when you prepare soup or cook vegetables, a better taste is achieved, enhancing the overall flavour profile of your homemade dishes.

Cooking: The benefits extend to your culinary experiences; filtered water can materially improve the quality of the foods you prepare. Imagine the clarity of your iced tea on a hot day or the robust flavours of your soups, each dish benefitting from the purity of filtered water.

Water Filtration Benefits – Beauty

Complete Home Filtration customers absolutely love the benefits of filtered water around the shower and bathroom! We have countless testimonials raving about soft, hydrated skin, longer-lasting hair colour and the cost-benefit of using less of products such as moisturizers, soap, and conditioner.

This is no accident. Our Whole Home Filtration systems remove up to 98.5% of chlorine products from your home’s water straight from the mains water supply. Chlorine is a proven irritant, which is absorbed by the body through shower steam, causing redness of the skin and eyes and can also cause treated hair colour to fade more quickly!

Experience the luxury of filtered water in your own home, remove chlorine and fight the signs of ageing! Get better water with Complete Home Filtration.

As soon as your Complete Home Filtration system is installed, you will notice an immediate difference. Your water will taste and feel different.

Existing customers have found that removing chlorine from their water makes their skin and hair feel less dry, requiring fewer moisturisers. Reduce the drying effects of chlorinated water. Upgrade your home to premium water with Complete Home Filtration.

Water Filtration Benefits – Skin & Hair

Rocky & Leigh-ann Postrak (Google Review) – “We are very impressed by our new water filtration system – and very happy! The difference in taste is remarkable not to mention the reduction in chlorine which was higher from our kitchen tap than what our swimming pool was reading prior to installing at around 5ppm. I’ve also noticed a difference with less irritation in my skin.”

Justin Dale (Facebook Review) – Skin isn’t as dry, girls hair fluffier, no chlorine smell anymore. Overall health seems to be better.”

Thomas Lew (Google Review) – “As for the filter itself, my skin issues (dryness, eczema, itchiness) which I previously thought was due to dairy products have cleared up completely ever since showering in the filtered water and despite the fact that I have increased my intake of dairy since.”

Ellie Demir (Facebook Review) – “What we have noticed in our home is that our water tastes better, our hair is softer, our skin is not as dry or itchy, a surprising find was our products are lasting longer (body washes, shampoo/conditioners, cleaning products and all skincare).”

Angela Folkard (Google Review) – “We have also noticed our skin and hair feels so much healthier now that we are bathing in truly clean water. Could not be happier.”

Water Filtration Benefits – Environmental

We are about more than just filtered water. Our mission is to deliver amazing, sustainable water solutions that meet the individual needs of Australians across the continent.

We filter water to accommodate various genuine needs and concerns, from chlorine sensitivity and water discolouration to limescale build-up and bacteria removal.

We must solve these complex problems, but it’s equally important to ensure our solutions don’t adversely affect the environment that takes care of us every day. Our flagship model will remove contaminants down to 1 micron in size and eliminate lime scale throughout the home without wasting water or adding to your water bill.

Q? Did you know it takes 3 litres of water to produce 1.5 litres of bottled water?

Eliminating the need for plastic bottled water and deliveries by installing a filter at home is a great way to reduce your plastic footprint. Studies found that many brands of bottles were deficient in essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium due to their water treatment processes. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your health for better-tasting water. Our systems ensure the great taste of filtered water without removing these healthy minerals.

Experience the benefits of filtered water with a Complete Home Filtration system. Enquire today to get the water everyone wants!

Reducing Plastic Waste and Its Effects

Plastic Bottles: Every time you choose filtered water over bottled water, you cut down on plastic waste. A Complete Home Water Filtration system allows you to minimise your reliance on disposable plastic bottles, which are known to harm our oceans and wildlife.

Environmentally Friendly: By using a water filtration system, you’re not just looking after your health but also being environmentally responsible. It’s a simple yet effective way to contribute to a healthier planet—an environmentally friendly choice that aligns with an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Water Filtration Benefits – Green Technology

When we think about water filtration, often we’ll only think about drinking water and water bottles – but the real GREEN revolution comes from the benefits of filtered water around the home. Reduce your need for heavy-duty chemicals when cleaning; if we can cut down on harmful chemicals being washed down the drain, then that alone will keep us from further contaminating the water table.

On top of the reduced need for chemicals around the home, you’ll find your appliances will last longer thanks to the protection from calcium damage. Fewer fixture replacements means less landfill, and the domino effect of this will help keep our planet cleaner while also saving your pocket from taking the full brunt of the damage.

Water Filtration Benefits – Your Home

Our revolutionary Complete Home Filtration system utilises a 3-Stage filtration technique to soften and remove even the finest dirt, sediments and chemicals from tap water, keeping your family healthy, your appliances clean, your shower recess gleaming and your garden thriving.

Having a whole house system adds value to your home while saving you money on costly repairs and replacements.

Evaluating Cost and Convenience

The initial expense of a water filter system is a key factor. It is an investment in your health, family and home.

Still, you should also weigh the convenience it brings to your daily routine and the future expenses it can delay or eliminate. A Complete Home Filtration system might appear as a significant investment upfront compared to a simple water filter jug; however, they offer vast savings over time by reducing the need for bottled water and extending the longevity of your appliances by providing scale-free water.

The water filtration benefits and the ease of having your entire home supplied with filtered water can far outweigh the piecemeal approach of using separate filters for different needs – which would also cost significantly more in individual filter replacements than the all-in-one cartridges in a whole-home system.

Water Filtration Benefits – Scale & Build Up

Sick of scale that reduces the flow from shower heads and collects around taps and faucets?

With Complete Home Filtration, this issue will be a thing of the past. Once installed, the system not only softens the water coming into the home, but the new clean and softened water actually helps to remove prior scale build-up from fixtures and appliances. Our customers often report seeing a significant reduction in calcium build-up on their shower screens.

Water heating appliances will also be more energy efficient, and soaps and detergents will last longer—all adding to the total savings you will experience.

Comparing Filtered and Unfiltered Water

The differences in taste and purity are obvious when comparing filtered to unfiltered tap water. Filtered water is largely free of the impurities and contaminants commonly present in unrefined tap water. It tends to taste and smell better due to the absence of chlorine and sulphur compounds, making it preferable not just for drinking and cooking but also for protecting your home’s water pips and water-based appliances.

Integrating a Complete Home Water Filtration System ensures every tap in your house dispenses thoroughly treated water, providing you and your family with consistent and reliable soft water every day. Start enjoying the water filtration benefits today!!