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4 Reasons To Buy A Whole House Water Filtration This Summer

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There are really too many reasons to buy a whole house water filter this summer, to mention without writing a 50 page PhD thesis, so here let’s keep it simple and hit the top 4:
1.  It’s better for your Health
Chlorine is a form of bleach and it’s in your tap water. It is a fact that drinking chlorinated water has been linked to cancer. There is a multitude of clinical studies to this effect. Download our free eBook for the references. Also, your body is covered in the skin which is a functioning organ- the largest in your body in fact. This organ absorbs things in and excretes things out. Whether you want it too or not this is occurring constantly. When you shower in chlorinated water your body is absorbing whatever is in that water. Many experts have estimated that a 10-minute shower leads to the same levels of chlorine absorption as drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water. So if you want to protect your body or the other loved ones in your home, from the potentially harmful effects of chlorine and other common contaminants found in tap water then it makes sense to filter the water you bath and shower in.  
2. It is better for beauty
Chlorine is a drying agent and is damaging your hair and skin. Clean, good quality water keeps your skin beautiful for longer. We cant stop time but we can try to stay youthful looking. We all want to look our best for as long as possible and not age prematurely, so why oh why are we all putting chlorine on our skin every day? and sometimes twice a day! Dull, lifeless hair and dried out skin can all result from chlorine in tap water. There is absolutely no need to be showering with bad water when we live in a modern world and have the means to provide this for ourselves. After the initial outlay to get the system installed, the ongoing running costs can be as little as $150 per year- and that gets you filtered water from every tap in your home!  
3. Its better for your home
Hard water is doing damage to your home. Hard mineral deposits in your home are wreaking havoc on your water using appliances and fixtures. Are you sick of your kettle getting white floaties in it? Shower screen covered in a white hard-to-shift film? Showerhead blocked up? Expensive water heaters just not hacking it and lasting as long as they should? These are all signs that you need to reduce the hardness of your tap water.  
4. It’s better for our environment
It is a sad fact that as we have evolved as a civilization that the toll we have taken on the environment around us is getting more extreme. Chemical runoff from industry, pesticides and herbicides from farming, acid rain, plastic disposal and carbon emissions along with many other forms of pollution all add to our exposure to harmful elements and also the exposure of other animals sharing this environment with us. Tap water tastes awful and is can be no good for you, the bottled water industry has thrived- unfortunately, this has added to the detrimental effect on the environment, don’t believe us, check out this article on just what plastic is doing to our oceans. Stories and photos can be found on the internet of massive collections of plastic floating in the oceans and animals harmed by ingesting various parts of this plastic. Now we are starting to pay attention with health experts not pointing out that we are in fact being polluted with plastic ourselves, with alarming amounts of plastic fibers being found in tap water and in the very food we eat… These are just some of the reasons to buy this summer, so take control of the water you use in your home and install a Complete Home Filtration today, and get better water now! Oh and, we’ll come back at some point and write that 50 page PhD thesis on the reasons to buy a better whole house filtration system this summer… but first a drink of delicious fresh clean water, and a bath, all while saving the planet.