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How much does it cost?

Some of our most frequently asked questions are about price. Broadly speaking, we have systems that range from $1,200 to $6,825. The entry-level system is the most affordable and involves installing a Reverse Osmosis filtration system for drinking water ONLY. For the fully installed whole of home systems, there are a number of factors that influence price. Customer preference for water type (alkaline etc), raw water quality (tank or mains/ high chlorine / hard water), usage, water pressure (low/high) and installation requirements (pavers, turf, mains access) are all factors that affect final costs. Accurate quotes are FREE to attain and typically involve a quick site visit from one of our friendly team to carry out a water test to determine type of filters required and a site inspection to estimate the costs and also possibility of completing an installation. During this visit, customers can also identify any specific water quality concerns they have so that we can offer options that directly address their water filtration needs.

(Unfortunately some homes are not suitable for a retro fit whole house filtration system installation)

CHF - RO Reverse Osmosis
From $1,496Total Estimated Cost
  • Annual Filter Replacement Cost $144*
  • *Filter Replacement Subscription Price
CHF - Complete Home System w/ RO
From $6,495Total Estimated Cost
  • Annual Filter Replacement Cost From $364*
  • *Filter Replacement Subscription Price

Prices vary State by State depending on the associated business costs.

Plumbing variables include pavers, excavation requirements, concrete, artificial lawn, labour required to identify the mains pipe, stone bench tops, internal installations, pipework materials and local plumbing regulations. RO and Premium Options / Extras include Alkalising, Re-mineralising, 3 Way Mixer taps / Initial cost and annual filter replacement cost dependent on the type of filtration media used.