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Health is Wealth

We’re not trying teach you how to suck eggs here! The fact that you are on our site means you are aware of the need for better, cleaner water for you and for your family.

At Complete Home Filtration, we believe every Australian deserves the best quality filtered water in their home without compromise.

Enjoy pure, filtered water anywhere in the home without reducing levels of healthy minerals.

Remove up to 98.5% of chlorine by-products and filter out a whole range of heavy metals and contaminants with our Whole Home Water Filtration Systems. The benefits of filtered water go beyond just drinking water. Reducing chlorine levels across the home can also reduce the skin and lung irritation in the shower caused by chlorine vapor. Water comes from many sources, each bringing different challenges. Our mission is to deliver colourless, odourless, delicious water to every home, without introducing harmful plastics or chemicals to the mix.

Have peace of mind knowing your pets aren’t being exposed to chemicals too! Like humans, your beloved dog or hamster can also have allergies including allergies to chlorine. Eliminate Chlorine from their water too! If you can smell it, so can your pets.

Become excited and rejuvenated by your water. Forget single-use plastic bottles and tiny bench-top filter jugs. Get the water you want on demand, straight from any tap in the home, so that you can get back to what you do best. Join the thousands of Aussies saying “yes!” to better water. Protect your health, family, and home from contaminants. Taste, Feel and See the difference!

Now is the time to take command of your water, get the water everyone wants with Complete Home Filtration. Enquire for a Free Consult and Quote, to find out how better water can make a lasting impact in your home today!



Not thrilled by the taste of your tap water? Dehydration is the leading cause of daytime fatigue, nausea, constipation and headaches. Just a small drop in hydration can lead to a major loss of energy in the average person.

Hydration goes beyond what’s inside. Your skin can also experience the effects of dehydration, which is only amplified by contaminants such as chlorine. Revive your water, and have security knowing your water is as great for you as it tastes.

Healthy minerals are the foundation of healthy water. Unfortunately, many typical filter systems remove these minerals as part of their filtration processes, such as salt regenerating softeners.

At Complete Home Filtration we offer a better solution. All the benefits of filtered water and lime-scale treatment, without the removal of healthy minerals and without adding salt to your water.

The need for clean healthy water goes further than just drinking water. It is also very important to shower, bathe and cook with healthy contaminant-free water. After all, contaminants can readily pass through the skin into the body.

In fact, it is estimated that chlorine absorption from a ten-minute shower is equal to that of drinking eight glasses of unfiltered tap water!