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We are about more than just filtered water. Our mission is to deliver an amazing, sustainable water solutions to the individual needs of Australians across the continent.

We filter water to accommodate a range of genuine needs and concerns; from Chlorine sensitivity, water discolouration, lime-scale build up, bacteria removal and many more.

It’s important we solve these complex problems, but it’s equally as important to ensure our solutions don’t adversely affect the environment that takes care of us every day. Our flagship model will remove contaminants down to 1 micron in size and eliminates lime-scale throughout the whole home, without wasting water or adding to your water bill.

Did you know it takes 3 litres of water just to produce 1.5 litres of bottled water?

Eliminating the need for plastic bottled water and deliveries by installing a filter right at home is a great way to reduce your plastic footprint. Studies found that many brands of bottled were deficient of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium as a result of their water treatment processes. We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your health for better tasting water. Our systems ensure the great taste of filtered water, without removing these healthy minerals.

Experience the benefits of filtered water for yourself with a Complete Home Filtration system. Enquire today to get the water everyone wants!


Green Technology

Often when we think about water we only think about drinking water and water bottles, but the real GREEN revolution comes from the benefits of filtered water around the home. Reduce your need for heavy duty chemicals when cleaning; this alone will stop us further contaminating the water table as they get washed down the drain.

On top of the reduced need for chemicals around the home you’ll find your appliances will last longer as they are protected from calcium damage. Less replacing fixtures means less for landfill, and the domino effect of this will help keep our planet cleaner while also saving your pocket from taking the full brunt of the damage.