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Scale Prevention System

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What is Calcium Scale Buildup?

Calcium scale is a hard thick, coating or covering of calcium carbonate CaCO3 that forms on heating elements, pipes, fixtures and water-using appliances. As the calcium-rich water enters into the home, the carbonic acid/calcium equilibrium becomes interrupted within the pipes. Because hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)2 is a very weak chemical compound, temperature increases or movement cause the compound to break down, and parts of the calcium Ca2, magnesium Mg2 and bicarbonate HCO3 are no longer dissolved, instead attaching to the surfaces of pipes, heaters, fixtures and appliances. Over time, the scale compounds and becomes very difficult and costly to remove.

What is CHF Scale Prevention?

World-leading German technology revolutionising the water filtration industry, brought to you exclusively through the Complete Home Filtration brand in Australia.

We offer the healthiest and most effective way to prevent scale. SP3 is a smarter alternative to traditional ion exchange-based regenerating salt water softeners, which can be harmful to human health and the environment.

CHF Scale Prevention is environmentally friendly and cost-effective and completely takes care of the primary cause of scale formation via Ca2+ and Mg2+. The media reduces scale without the need to add sodium to the water, and thanks to the Nucleation Assisted Crystallisation process, your water retains the calcium and magnesium minerals that are essential for your nervous system and muscle function.

When hard water passes through the media, the calcium bicarbonate Ca(HCO3)2 is transformed into an aragonite form of calcium carbonate CaCO3 crystals which are stable, harmless and do not cause scaling or hard water damage.

Why we consider Filtersorb® SP3 to be the best

SP3 media eliminates scale without the need to add sodium to the water, and through the Nucleation Assisted Crystallization process it retains calcium and magnesium minerals required for muscle function and a healthy nervous system.

FILTERSORB® SP3 does not remove or add anything to the water. As no ion-exchange chemistry is used, the TDS of the water remains unchanged before and after the treatment.

The pH value of the water remains the same, which makes the treated water suitable for almost any use around the home.

CHF’s Scale Prevention System does not add sodium or any chemicals to the water. It simply preserves the Calcium and Magnesium contents of water, making the treated water arguably the healthiest mineral water available. Both Calcium and Magnesium are essential for your nervous system and muscles.

Not only does the media prevent scale formation, it also helps to remove any preexisting scale. As the water flows through pipes, fixtures and appliances, micro-bubbles lose a small amount of CO2, which diffuses rapidly in water and interacts with surface scale. As a result, the scale that is already present on these surfaces is gradually removed.

The NAC process creates the conditions that allow water-dissolved CO2 agglomerate to form micro-bubbles. These CO2 bubbles actively destroy bacterial membranes acting as a biocide. So along with the scale prevention, FILTERSORB® SP3 also helps to prevent Biofouling.