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Rainwater Tank Filtration System

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Our Rainwater Tank Filtration System

Australia, we’ve heard you! With a growing number of Aussies switching to rainwater, we’ve scoured the globe for the best rainwater filtration system.

Made in Italy with world-class UV disinfection technology under the hood, we present the Complete Home Filtration rainwater filtration system!

Our three-part offering is customisable to the needs of your home and followed up with a UV light to remove any harmful bacteria from your water. 

Economical and easy to install, get total peace of mind and enjoy fresh, clean water for your whole home.

The All-In-One Rainwater Treatment Water Filter

Our rainwater filtration systems do it all—all you need is a rainwater supply!

Thanks to their special configuration, not only do our rainwater filter systems remove sediment particles and heavy metals, but their UV disinfection also kills microorganisms and bacteria through a powerful UV light.

Suitable for a wide variety of water sources, the Complete Home Filtration rainwater filtration system can be used in outdoor installations for rainwater tanks, bore water, mains water, and other applications that need water filtration and disinfection.

Clean, Safe Rainwater For Your Home

Rainwater filter systems are the perfect way to enjoy fresh, clean, and safe drinking water—while protecting your family’s health.

Relying on rain for your water supply without an effective filter system, however, can be risky.

Pathogens and bacteria such as Salmonella, E-Coli, Campylobacter, and Cryptosporidium can easily contaminate your water, especially if rodents, birds, or vermin come into contact with your rainwater supply.

Fortunately, the ultraviolet sterilisation and disinfection process we use in our water tank filtration systems provides a safe, chemical-free, and cost-effective solution to protect your whole house from harmful microorganisms.


Yes, ultraviolet light will always stay on. Turning the lamp on and off continuously can be damaging to the lamp itself and may reduce the performance of your rainwater filtration system. Leaving the UV disinfection light on is inexpensive and necessary for ensuring that all bacteria is removed and you are never exposed to harmful contaminants.
Your UV lamp will last for approximately one year (or 9,000) hours. For simple maintenance, every system is installed with an alarm to notify you when it is due for a change.
Following installation, how often you need to change your filter cartridges will depend on the quality of the water entering the system. As with all water-using products, we recommend changing filters every 12 months, ensuring the water supply for your whole house stays free of sediment, chemicals, and bacteria. Please consult your water technician to determine your cartridge replacement schedule.
Yes, the UV lamp in the system will require power. The cost is comparable to having a regular household lightbulb on, but you get to reap all of the benefits of filtered, clean water! We will ensure that your system is powered safely and efficiently as part of our installation service.

The CHF-RWW is an all-in-one solution

Thanks to its special configuration, the CHF-RWW removes sediments AND physically disinfects water and inactivates microorganisms with its UV-C treatment. Suitable for a wide variety of water sources, the CHF-RWW can be used in outdoor installations for rainwater treatment, bore water treatment, mains water treatment, and other applications that need water filtration and disinfection.