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Beauty Benefits

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Complete Home Filtration customers absolutely love the benefits of filtered water around the shower and bathroom! We have countless testimonials raving about soft, hydrated skin, longer-lasting hair colour and the cost benefit of using less of products such as moisturizer, soap, and conditioner.

This is no accident. Our Whole Home Filtration systems remove up to 98.5% of chlorine products from your home’s water, straight from the mains water supply. Chlorine is a proven irritant, which is absorbed by the body through shower steam, causing redness of the skin and eyes and can also cause treated hair colour to fade more quickly!

Experience the luxury of filtered water in your own home, remove chlorine and fight the signs of ageing! Get better water with Complete Home Filtration.

As soon as your Complete Home Filtration system is installed, you will notice an immediate difference. Your water will taste and feel different.

Existing customers have found that removing chlorine from their water makes their skin and hair feel less dry, requiring fewer moisturisers. Reduce the drying effects of chlorinated water. Upgrade your home to premium water with Complete Home Filtration.


Revitalise your Skin and Hair

Rocky & Leigh-ann Postrak (Google Review) – “We are very impressed by our new water filtration system – and very happy! The difference in taste is remarkable not to mention the reduction in chlorine which was higher from our kitchen tap than what our swimming pool was reading prior to installing at around 5ppm. I’ve also noticed a difference with less irritation in my skin.”

Justin Dale (Facebook Review) – “Skin isn’t as dry, girls hair fluffier, no chlorine smell anymore. Overall health seems to be better.”

Thomas Lew (Google Review) – “As for the filter itself, my skin issues (dryness, eczema, itchiness) which I previously thought was due to dairy products have cleared up completely ever since showering in the filtered water and despite the fact that I have increased my intake of dairy since.”

Ellie Demir (Facebook Review) – “What we have noticed in our home is that our water tastes better, our hair is softer, our skin is not as dry or itchy, a surprising find was our products are lasting longer (body washes, shampoo/conditioners, cleaning products and all skincare).”

Angela Folkard (Google Review) – “We have also noticed our skin and hair feels so much healthier now that we are bathing in truly clean water. Could not be happier.”