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Installing a Complete Home Filtration system is a great way to improve your families health, well-being & finances, knowing you are saving money on bottled water & helping save the the planet by reducing the amount of plastic discarded that could potentially end up in a landfill or even the ocean. You will also have the piece of mind knowing you live in an environmentally efficient home.


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  • Charles was great! He was informative and honest, I look forward to getting our system installed!
    Raelene Togwell
  • The clear evidence that Craig showed us and the information that backed the information was clearly stated , which brought us to the decision to purchase this product.
    I highly recommend the product, but have to say felt absolutely comfortable with Craig. I have to say he is an asset to your company!
    Fatimah Perenara
  • We got the full system installed due to wanting healthier clean water as well as clean water for showers due to kids eczema. We could taste the difference in water instantly once installed. Craig was a great down to earth sales man who was very helpful without that pushy salesman vibe that you can often get. For us it was an easy decision. There's no question for health and quality. We did our homework prior and found that it was the best value for quality.
    Installation was also quick. The plumber was very friendly and efficient.
    Highly recommended!
    Paco Godinez
  • Had the unit installed inside our apartment. The water went from being just acidic and having chlorine to Zero Chlorine and Alkaline. No more smell of anything, skin feels great after shower which you notice immediately. Highly recommend these units. Craig was our sales rep and he was great.
    So happy we got it done.
    Ralph Cerminara
  • We had our water filtration system installed and we instantly noticed huge difference with taste and smell of water (no more chlorine smell). Also we noticed while taking bath, much softer than before, no stains built on shower screens and on tiles. Would highly recommend Craig and team who are can provide a demo, explain the system and install Complete Home Filtration.
    Jesh Kumar
  • We had our system installed yesterday and we can feel the difference. Water tastes so much better, tea’s and coffee’s taste excellent, and the showers feel great. Best investment we have made. The whole family loves it. Professional team including the plumber who did a great job with installation Highly recommended!. Thanks Amal  (Sydney)
    Amal Maharaj
  • We had Mel come to our house and explain to us how the system works. she was lovely and answered all our questions. On the day of installation the guys were great. My daughter had mild eczema and this filtered water has worked wonders for her. best decision we have made, we only regret not instilling it earlier! It got rid of the chlorine and the yucky water smell as well. I would recommend all my family and friends to get it installed by Complete Home Filtration. 😊
    Thivya Rajagopal
  • Thank you Craig for showing me the difference between town water and what the filtration system has to offer. I enjoy drinking water straight from the tap and the shower water feels softer. My bad hair days are a thing of the past. I am extremely happy with the installation also. I am recommending this system to my friends and relatives.
    Arcady Nemtzeff
  • Fantastic service, Mel came to our house and explained how the system worked and what we could expect. The guys who installed it were there a couple of days later and it was finished in no time.
    I wish had installed this sooner, beautiful drinking water, and my skin and hair feel so much softer after my shower !!!!!
    I will be recommending this to all my clients !!!
    Well don’t team at Complete Home Filtration
    5 Stars from the Shine family ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Collette (Shine Organics)
  • I Wish I had done this sooner. Excellent service right through to installation!
    Kelly Weston
  • Our cabin on the Hawkesbury River is fed by river water, which before the installation of a Complete Home Filtration System, was undrinkable, had a very noticeable smell to it, and was only just potable enough for showering etc,
    Now we have unbelievably clean, fresh, potable water, no smell at all, and which doesn’t stain the grout in our shower. It is deadest unbelievable how good this system is!!!
    Dean Hanckel
  • Mel from Complete Home Filtration was extremely knowledgeable in relation to the filtration system and provided excellent details about the benefits and technology of the system. Installation was promptly and professionally arranged. The filtration system has completely changed the quality and taste of our water. There is no longer any chlorine smell and testing the water for chemicals show remarked difference from what was coming into the house before. Highly recommend this product.
    Graeme Macey
  • Complete Home Filtration installed for the whole house two weeks ago. The water and food tastes a lot better. Our hair and skin feels softer, smooth and healthier. You can tell that our pets (dogs, cat, fish and especially our birds) are happier. We find it very affordable. This is one of the best decisions we have ever made. Thanks to Charles from Complete Home Filtration and the installers who are so professional and helpful to discuss our needs and make it happen!.  
    Nanette Tio
  • Finally got around to having water filtration on the entire house. Very pleased we chose Complete Home Filtration. Professional and friendly service from start to finish, including their install team!.  
    John Shine
  • My Complete Home Filtration system has been installed. No more nasty smells or horrible taste to the water anymore. The water is great to drink and taking a shower is so lovely. I would recommend this system to all, you will not be sorry, call this company they are so helpful, nothing is a problem to them. Karen - Liverpool (NSW)  
    Karen Jackson
  • Fantastic product and great service. Water quality is very important to me and this system ticks the boxes without costing an arm and a leg. Softer water, better tasting water, tick, tick. After sales service is fantastic too!  
    Rebecca Privilege
  • We are so pleased with our system, and the change was noticeable right away! The free consultation with Royce was fantastic, installation was quick and customer service has been great. I would and have recommended CHF,  it is the best decision you could make for your family!      
    Rhiannon Baudains
  • I was not aware how bad the water hardness in Ellenbrook (WA) was until I had it tested by Complete Home Filtration. With the filtration system installed, I can actually taste as well as notice differences (such as easy lather of soap/dishwashing liquid) when using water around the house. Worthwhile investment especially for those who have with sensitive skin and asthma!  
    Jai Badal
  • Complete Home Filtration is 100% customer focused, thanks to the whole team for taking care of us!  
  • Great company, efficient and friendly service. Fast install and WONDERFUL water! 😁😁  
    Lou Tremble
  • We have now had our complete system installed for 9 months and through the whole process Complete Home Filtration have been amazing! The water quality we now have at our home is just fantastic. I would highly recommend anyone to have this installed!  
    Rebecca Zaubzer
  • Such great experience with Craig from Complete Home. Free water test and quick installation. The Installer Mark also did a pretty job. Professional and lovely team, make it perfect. Will recommend to my friends!
    Huan Tan
  • Just bought a whole home system from Craig. He was very helpful and informative. Very happy, such a nice guy!!!  And What a great installation! process - Thanks Mark!
    Aaron Pauley
  • We wanted to do this ages ago but was always put off by the cost and the fear of too much loss in water pressure. Great no stress sales rep and the water test proved what we already knew from the smell, our water was as bad as pool water (if not worse) for the amount of chlorine. Whole house filters have been in for over a week now and no chlorine at all when re-tested. Water tastes great and already noticing our skin is not dry and soap is lathering more easy and washing off without leaving a soapy slim on your skin. Water pressure drop is so slight almost not noticeable. Would recommend highly!
    Glen Cowans
  • My Complete Home system is the best! I recommend every household should have one. No more smell from the water system, showering is a joy. I had recurring spots that would itch; continuous supply of different ointments and tablets over a period of 2yrs, no successful diagnosis. Have had Home filtration System in for a week; not an itchy spot left.Craig (Sales Rep) is the man to contact. I cannot recommend a more attentive person to help solve and get installed this complete system. Craig's customer service is exemplary. No problem is to big or to small. Thank you Craig & CHF!
    Shirley Pene
  • Had a system installed over 6 months ago, very happy with this company from the sales rep through to their support staff. We were not home at the time of the install but were pleasantly surprised by there tradesman's quality of work (as if we had of been there watching). In Brabham (WA) the water is very harsh with a high chlorine smell, the smell has now gone along with all the white stains and blocked shower heads from the calcium. We even had the retic hooked up to the system as the water was so bad it would leave white calcium stains on our plants and brick work. this issue was also fixed by the system!      
    Robert Jones
  • Very satisfied with the quality of product, workmanship and installation process. Noticed straight away the better quality of water from our taps and showers, also with washing and dishwasher usage. Highly recommend this product & company!  
    Percy Marchant
  • After we had the filtration installed we found the quality of the water in our house greatly improved, tasted so much better, was softer and the calcium in the appliances like the kettle greatly reduced. We had the system installed in June last year. We have just had the filters replaced. We decided to have a technician replace the filters for us which we think was a good choice for us. The technician's name was Tim, he arrived on time and was very polite and efficient. He also explained how to change the filters. Although we will probably opt for the professional again.  
    Norman Bowles
  • Everybody comments on how good and fresh our water tastes , plus our grandkids skin allergies have improved out of sight!
    Graham Martin
  • Suzanne and her team have been incredibly informative and helpful every step of the way on my families journey healthier water. Any time I’ve had a question or needed assistance the response from the team has been immediate and helpful. We have been using the Complete Home Filtration system for three months now and I’ve notice a huge difference having softer, cleaner water - my skin is less dry, clothes are softer after a wash and ongoing nausea I’ve had for years has dissipated.  Definitely recommend this system!
    Kate Marie
  • I'm on Day 2 after installation. The water quality is amazing, really soft and clean. I could not drink tap water before but now I can. Also it is good for the skin, hair even clothes. Definitely happy our house has this system now!
    Emma Filatova
  • Fantastic result! The team were well informed, efficient and friendly. We can certainly feel, taste and see the difference in our water quality ... highly recommend!  
    Brendan Stratton
  • Is well worth getting this water filtration system, it makes a huge difference!  
    Christopher McDonnell
  • Very happy with the home filtration, my water no longer tastes of chlorine! I appreciate the follow up from the team when the filters need replacing!  
    Louise Claxton
  • We had our home filtration system installed November 2019 and noticed a difference right away with the taste and smell of tap water, it now tastes as good as the filtered water from the fridge. Also noticed a huge difference with the calcium build up and stains on glass shower screens and tiling. Installation was fast and the service provided by the sales team was excellent. Definitely recommend a full home filtration system from these guys to anyone that is looking for one!
    Dean Gilmartin
  • I LOVE our water filtration system! The water in our area tastes horrible and we just built a home in a new area so the water tastes even worse. I really struggled to drink water at home and struggled with slight dehydration. We had our filtration system installed Monday (5 days ago at time of post) and I am in love! I have had really bad skin problems even since a teen and my skin is already feeling better! The redness, inflammation and pain has decreased dramatically since our filter was installed! We noticed a different the second day. It took a day for the water to run through the pipes and clear up. Best purchase we have made!
    Taleisha Collins
  • Highly recommend Complete Home Filtration, no fuss service from sales to installation. You could taste and feel the difference from day 1. I can finally enjoy a cup of green tea again without having to buy bottled water! Amazing!
    Brittany Darby-Smith
  • My family and I are very happy with the filtration system. We have been using it for about 8 months now and experienced a marked improvement in water quality because the water previously was unpleasant to drink and the odour was also off putting. Deciding to go for the Complete Home Filtration System is one of the best things we have done. It’s comforting to know that the water from every outlet is untainted by pollutants that could potentially cause harm to our health. Thank you!  
    Christine Knight
  • It works and the water tastes good!  
    Ken Sung
  • Very happy with the filtration system installed at our home. Our water tastes clean and it’s very nice drinking from the tap rather than plastic bottles or containers!  
    Mark Livingstone
  • Good costumer service and easy to deal with. Neat and tidy installation and quick service. Thanks Craig for everything, now i can taste the difference of my Water to drink!
    Jovita Torres
  • Definitely one of the best investments I've made to my home and for my family. The water now tastes so pure and I feel at ease as its safe for my wife & children to drink. No more bottled water from Coles/Woolies. Even showering feels cleaner and fresher. Definitely recommend it for all households!
    Marcus Dass
  • Fast and easy service, and the System works great!
    Ashlee Lupton
  • Awesome professional, prompt and friendly service. The water is just so nice now with the premium package including the reverse osmosis. And the kitchen is more spacious without the old pottery filter unit.  
    Oliver Dakingisdead
  • We had a full home water filtration system installed and the difference is night and day. The water quality of showers is so much better, no more dry skin. Complete Home Filtration did an awesome job of the install and we cannot be happier. Thanks Complete Home Filtration!!  
    Tylar Scott
  • From the Company Rep allaying any concerns I had at the beginning of the journey, to our enjoyment of smooth clean water, the whole process with CHF has been a breeze. I was concerned about loss of water pressure once the whole house filter was installed, I need not have worried. I have not detected any pressure loss. I would highly recommend CHF for whole house filtration to anyone who asks, and have done so already!  
    Dean Ball
  • Friendly customer service and quick and easy install! We are so happy to have better quality water now servicing our home! Showering no longer stings our eyes or makes us itchy and the water tastes so much better! Thanks again Complete Home Filtration for solving our water worries!!
    Michelle Santoro
  • The guys were friendly and efficient on install day,  and the water has been so much better since then. It’s better to drink, better to shower in. It’s well worth getting done to your house!
    Stuart Chapman
  • Ever since the filters have been in,  the water quality has improved,  is better to drink, & better to shower in. Its value for what its worth!  
    Angel Whitehurst
  • Have had the Complete Home Filtration system for about 5 months now. It’s great! No heavy metals or chlorine smell!  
    Rhys Standley
  • Pretty good experience overall. Only small negativity is that one of our toilets didn't flush properly. To their credit - they kept coming back to eventually fix it... hence the outcome is fantastic. Now after one year of using their filters..we can see firsthand how much contamination is collected over time. We are now convinced that every household needs to have Complete Home Filtration!  
    Bernard Chia
  • There are so many benefits I wish I done it earlier but the best one is how much more really great tasting water I drink better than bottled straight from my tap , any tap ,filtered!! The guys done a good job at complete home filtration I would definitely recommend them!! 👍  
    Alessandro Alessi
  • The Service is Wonderful and the Product is Amazing 👍😊
    Claire Knight
  • Timely manner. Fast as per agreed schedule. Easy to use product,  generous discount. I love it!
    Alexandr Solyannikov
  • From the time of the initial consultation by Royce, who was full of useful information and non pushy to a prompt installation of the system,  I couldn't recommend Complete Home filtration highly enough. I am a big water drinker about 5+ litres a day (due to the nature of my work), it is so nice to have pure drinking water, not to mention my skin and hair feeling great after showers. All up 10/10, well done!
    Blaise Partridge
  • A great product with excellent follow up service. Water tastes great compared to before!
    Dee - Yanchep
  • A great product!  We had this installed before we moved in to our new build and we don’t get mould or soap scum in our bathrooms and there’s no calcium build up in our appliances or around any of our taps. Seriously not one white fleck in our kettle that has been used daily for over a year now. I wish we installed one in the first house we built. So glad we did in the second. Well worth the money. The customer service we received was, has been and still is exceptional!
    Cate Anne
  • Completely changed the water smell and taste in the whole house, no more chlorine smell when we give the little one a bath or have a shower!
    Mark Robinson
  • A great company and a great unit! When we moved into our new house we immediately noticed that the water tasted funny and upon further investigation discovered that high chlorine was to blame. This unit has not only reduced the chlorine but also made water drinkable straight from the tap. Very affordable for the job it does and payment options make it accessible to anyone. Customer service has been fab even after install which was quick and easy. Would definitely recommend to anyone with issues from tap water. A Great investment!
    Meaghan Perkins
  • Great product and helpful service from the staff. Our Water is now so much cleaner!
    Gallen Loke
  • A Great investment! Quality of water was noticed immediately. Easy simple process from start to finish. Great service from all their staff I dealt with. Highly recommended!
    Bernard Crowe
  • Highly recommend the Complete Home Filtration system. Saves me heaps of money as I don't have to buy bottled water anymore. I now drink water straight from the tap as it tastes good. Hair and skin feel so much better and softer, no more itchy skin. Very happy with the system!
    Byron Ross
  • Don't have to buy bottled water anymore as the taste of water through the taps tastes good. Saves lots of money. Very happy with the system!
    Carmen Ross
  • I’ve recently added a Complete Home Filtration system to my home as I have a pretty bad case of dermatitis. Since it was installed, my dermatitis seems to be going away fast, I’m so happy I had a heard about this company,  otherwise I never would have known about it, it definitely is worth getting it , cleaner water is a must! Thanks for your help guys:)
    Jason Rusec
  • We had only had our Complete Home Filtration installed on the 09 Jan 2020, and love that feeling we now have of being able to now enjoy & drink clean tap water from anywhere in your house, it's been so amazing. Highly recommended!.
    Ramon Fernando Cudia Sibug
  • Got our system installed two days ago and can taste the difference in the water much cleaner and a natural taste. The guys that installed it were great as well. Would recommend this system if not for better tasting water but an insurance for your plumbing and appliances.
    Denise Jordan
  • After purchasing drinking water for years, as our water is horrendous, we purchased a Complete Home Filtration system and WOW what a miracle, well worth it and the customer service is great. Thank you!
    Lynette Fury
  • Had the system done on the 6th of Jan and we are already noticing the difference in the water would highly recommend this to young family’s with children and you save money and the environment,  by not having to buy bottled water!
    Adrian Ulijn
  • These filtration systems are fantastic!. Our water went from horrible tasting, full of chlorine to amazingly good to drink. We changed our filter for the first time the other day and was appalled to see the state of it. So glad all that was in the filter cartridge and not our bodies. This is a fantastic system and company who I would recommend to everyone!
    Meaghan Reed
  • Great company! A must have for every Perth home. We can now turn a tap on without the worry of chemicals. Prompt service, Great product, Quality installation. Thanks heaps!
    Jay Bunton
  • Thank you so much for the complete home filtration system! After 1 week I am already feeling the difference in the softness of my hair. Cold filtered water is now easily and readily available for everyone in the house.
    Erin Thompson
  • The installers were able to reutilise existing tap-ware and complete a seamless clean install. We love the new system and has behaved admirably from day 1. Happy to recommend!
    Jayden Perez
  • We absolutely love our premium water filtration system! We are drinking more and enjoying the benefits of reduced limescale in the kettle and the showers so I know our bodies are better for it too. Thank you

    Elliot Hope
  • The difference is like night and day, you won’t be able to drink normal tap water again and you won’t regret getting this in your home. I just wish I had have done it years ago!
    Sam Crawford
  • Thanks you so much David for convincing us to get this amazing Complete Home & RO system. Very neat and clean installation by Kim. Very importantly after sale support to address low pressure issue has just nailed it. Entire team has been very helpful and understanding since day one. We can clearly feel the difference in quality of water while drinking and in shower. Highly recommend to install this system for family health and pls go with this product and team. All the Best! 👍
    Kam Gaekwad
  • You don't know it till you try it, water is beautiful no after taste. Shower water soft, no itching anymore. Use less shampoo detergent so save money.
    Margaret Clarke
    Wattle Grove, WA
  • Highly recommend this product for your home, it has made a huge difference health wise and makes cleaning the bathroom easier too. When friends come over they always comment on how great our water tastes. The staff are friendly and willing to answer any queries.

    Lynne Seery
  • I can't speak highly enough about this company. Very professional and easy to work with. The first shower I had was incredible! No more heavy chlorine smell in the shower, it felt like showering in a natural spring! It's only a matter of time before everyone has their whole home filtered.
    Samantha Thompson
  • I fully recommend this brilliant water filtration system. Had both systems fitted to my home a month ago. Now the shower water no longer stings my eyes. Great local business & service & professional installation.

    Claudine Orr
    Bibra Lake, WA
  • Our water tastes great now and the family all agree their hair and skin feels better. Highly recommend whole house filtration. Great product and great service - a rare combination these days.

    Richard Anderson
    Eglington, WA
  • Water quality has improved greatly since the installation of the home filtration system. Staff always helpful, instller done a really neat & tidy job.

    Liam O'Brien
    Banksia Grove, WA
  • fast, professional service from everyone we dealt with. Would highly recommend this company and filtration system. Exceeded our expectation in quality of water the filter has produced.

    Sharon Johnson
    Canning Vale, WA
  • No need to spend money on bottled water as water tastes so much better without the awful chlorine taste. Great customer service.

    Kaley Moore
    Yanchep, WA
  • Thank you so much for our home filtration system. We highly recommend this company, the workmanship was excellent and it's a top quality unit. After a week we have noticed how soft our skin and hair feels already and the water tastes great.
    Leanne Brewer

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