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We love talking about water, but first let’s talk about us! Complete Home Filtration is a true blue Aussie business that was founded to provide Australians with a more affordable and sustainable way to access unlimited, clean, freshly filtered water throughout the whole home. The benefits are not just limited to drinking clean and safe water; our systems improve water throughout the entire home.

With over 15 years of experience providing Australians with freshly filtered water, we have learned a thing or two along the way. We can sniff out a glass of unfiltered tap water from 50 yards away, and so can our kids! We live and breathe good water. We strongly believe passionately that everyone should be drinking, showering and bathing in clean, freshly filtered, chlorine-free water. Especially for bottle-fed babies, children, or anyone with specific health concerns like sensitive skin or asthma.

After being involved internationally in water industry events and during our time as Water Quality Association members, supplying water filtration products through our Australian water cooler brand we created in 2007, we recognised a change in the global attitude to water. Why stop at drinking water, when we could be removing contaminants like chlorine from the water before bathing or showering and softening water to protect appliances and fixtures?

It wasn’t that long ago when only the likes of Hollywood’s elite could afford the anti-aging practice of bathing and showering in chlorine-free water. Now Complete Home Filtration has become not just affordable but a smarter and more economical option for families than expensive bottled water and the plethora of smaller water filters commonly found scattered throughout the typical Aussie home. Now that you know more about Complete Home Filtration, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Passionate about Water

Who are we? Here at Complete Home Filtration, we passionately believe that everyone deserves to have the best water possible in their home.

We thrive on hearing our customers report dramatic improvements in the quality of water they use for drinking, showering and bathing along with cooking and making the perfect tea or coffee. Fresh, contaminant-free water is something we want everyone to experience, and everyone to enjoy each and every day.

We live and breathe good water, and this passion drives us to push ourselves to stay at the forefront of water filtration technology and water quality. Simply put, “water fanatics” is just who we are.

Australian Owned and Operated

Buying Australian Made not only supports local Aussie businesses but also boosts the Australian economy. It brings a range of benefits to you as a consumer, as well as to the environment and wider community. We are actively working to bring as much of the manufacturing process onshore as possible, and we proudly display that trusty Kangaroo mark on our flagship model.

Australian manufacturing is regulated to ensure the highest quality standards, so you know you are getting a high-quality product that’s made to last the distance when you buy Australian Made. We have a diverse climate in Australia and sometimes what might fly overseas won’t cut it down under. Knowing your water filtration system will look, work and excel in our unique conditions is just another reason to taste, feel and see the difference with Complete Home Filtration.

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