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Coffee Hacks – 4 Ways to hack an Ice Coffee

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Let’s be honest, everyone wishes they could nail a morning brew to bring joy to any morning routine. However, no matter how many times we measure and test our coffee, it never seems to taste barista made. So here are 4 easy Coffee Hacks to Improve your Coffee at home. From finding the right beans for you, to getting the right temperature in your roast. You can drastically change the way your coffee tastes with these simple hacks!

The 4 Coffee Hacks

  • Find the right Coffee Beans for you
  • Home Water Filters – Filter your water!
  • Use a better Coffee Grinder
  • Measure your temperatures

Find the Right Coffee Beans

Whether you’re making French Press, pour over or even using Coffee for your skin in the shower, to get the perfect consistent results that we all desire, you have to hack the process. Sometimes the nicest looking box or the most expensive coffee on the shelf isn’t as good as it makes itself out to be. Find out how to choose the right coffee beans for you.

  • Coffee beans don’t have an expiry date – but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go bad.
  • A more lightly roasted coffee bean may be more sour than a dark roast, but also contain more caffeine.
  • Coffee making is definitely a delicate process, but it is all so worth it!
    French Press

Filter Your Water

One key factor in enhancing the taste and benefits of your home-made coffee is often overlooked. It’s the water you’re using and whether or not you’re using an at Home Water Filter System. Why should I filter my water for coffee? Often times when you’re making coffee with tap water, you’re also adding unwanted contaminants such as chlorine, calcium and fluoride. This can effect not only the taste of your coffee, but can even change the way your water reacts with the coffee grounds.

Find the Best Coffee Grinder

The way you grind your coffee beans plays a part in the oxidation of your coffee. A finer grind is much easier to over-extract. Meaning your coffee can end up tasting bitter and harsh, however a coarser grind can lead to under-extraction. Leading to a sour and less rounded cup of coffee. The best way to get consistent results every time is with a Burr Coffee Grinder rather than a blade coffee grinder.

The Golden Zone for Temperature

Aside from controlling your water with a Complete Home Water Filter System, the temperature that you brew your morning coffee plays a major part in achieving optimal results. The ‘Golden zone’ for coffee temperature lies between 94-96 degrees Celsius. Everyone deserves the best cup of joe in the morning! Getting that temperature right is a great way to start.

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