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Throughout Perth, Sydney and Brisbane metropolitan areas Complete Home Filtration occasionally run Group Buyers Promotions where homeowners can benefits from a wholesales discount on their system of choice whilst there are multiple installations going on in the area. If we are running a promotion in your specific area we will have one of our promotions team visit your home to let you know and to offer you a Free Water Test and consultation to find out a bit more about water quality and the choices available to you. The level of discount can vary and depends on the volume of installs carried out within the promotion period. Prices will also vary due to the different installation requirements by household and the different preferences in level of filtration and other treatment.

With a Complete Home Filtration system consumers drink, bathe, shower and cook with water that is safe, delicious and better for your health

Fill out our quick form below to request a Free Water Quality Assessment & Quote (Normally $140 value)

Or please call 1300 693 458 to speak to one of our friendly Water Experts today!

Discount applies to RRP of the product with standard installation services which means:
*Access to the mains inlet pipe to the home must not require breaking of concrete, more than 3m of copper piping or more than 1 hour of excavation work i.e. not require access under poured aggregate etc.
*Additional charges for non standard installation will be charged at cost of material and labour so discount will not apply to this additional charge. Any installations outside of these parameters, incurring additional costs which will be quoted prior to any work commencing.
*This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.